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Braden As much fun as I had with Nerf guns when I was young, today's Nerf guns are somehow even better. My 3-year-old boy and I have had a blast with this Mega CycloneShock Blaster (how cool of a name is that?). We set up targets in the basement for our first go. I was amazed at how accurate it is! We started by shooting various boxes and canisters from 15 feet with deadly accuracy. I kept pushing it back and back until we were 60 feet away. Even at that range, with how consistent the gun is, I was able to hit a target most of the time. The darts even whistle as they cut through the air. The most satisfying part was seeing how good of a shot my boy was! I taught him how to line up the sights (which are very effective) and adjust for distance, and he was able to hit most of the targets. Each time he'd knock over a box, he'd jump up and down and say, "Did you see that, Dad? Did you see that??"

Our second go-around I thought we'd push the limits and see what it could do outside. One of our favorite games was to shoot all six darts straight up into the sky with the last dart being shot before the first hit the ground. With the 6-shot, rotating drum and the fast cocking mechanism, this was easy. I'd shoot them up, then we'd run around trying to dodge or catch them as they whistled back to the ground. While our backyard is relatively wide, the darts still overshot our yard boundaries. I would second Nerf's claim of it shooting an impressive 90 feet!

The gun itself is perfectly compact and easy to maneuver. It reminds me of a good laser tag gun which are easy to control around tight corners, tuck close to the body, and shoot quickly. It has a very cool cocking mechanism that makes a surprisingly satisfying reloading sound. As you rotate the drum, two darts are able to be loaded at a time which allows for a quick turnaround from a sneak-up barrage to reload to follow-up attack. It's also incredibly solid (but not correspondingly heavy). We've already had several drops onto concrete, and other than a paint scratch, it's perfectly fine.

Overall, I would highly recommend adding this Blaster to your Nerf arsenal!

(I was given this product as a gift in exchange for writing this review.)

Cabanagirlsarah This Nerf gun was for my 9 yo son. We buy lots of Nerf products because we do family Nerf wars. He loves this Mega line and wanted this gun to add to his collection. He does like it with the exception that you have to pull back on the top of the gun EACH time before shooting. SO even tho there are 6 darts in the gun, you can't shoot 6 darts continuously. Other than that, great fun toy!


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Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock…

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