Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower Toy

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CBB It brought my grandson great joy to play with this item. He was full of high pitch noises as he played with the toy...11mos old and it kept his attention.

Grandma Lynn This was an Easter gift for our 2 yr old Grandson. He loved it!! He was mowing the lawn right away. He had a lot of fun with it and will even enjoy it more when his Daddy gets his out. Build well, brightly colored and has a lot of "real" features! Great summer toy!

Frustrated Child Great toy, but only complaint is the back of the mower when my child backs it up, it tilts and gets caught on the carpet and kicks back almost hitting the shins. Otherwise child loves it going forward.

cheer mom Great toy, but only complaint is the back of the mower when my child backs it up, it tilts and gets caught on the carpet and kicks back almost hitting the shins. Otherwise child loves it going forward.

Grandma Judy It is a sturdy and colorful little mower. It has marbles that bounce but are not super noisy. A pull cord, key and choke, and a little gas can.

My grandson loves it and is obsessed with mowing outside.

Only bad thing, someone pulled a little too hard and pull cord would not retract so now is not working. very sad.

Kid-on-the-Go Mom I wanted an outdoor toy for my 18 month old. Something he could be active with. My friend got her son a bubble mower so I looked around at play mowers. This one had the best reviews, I thought. Usually it takes my son a few weeks to play with a new toy, but not this time. Once he sees it, he plays with it for a good couple of hours straight. What appealed to me the most was that it didn't need any batteries. I got it home and it was super easy to assemble. 3 clicks and you're done! It makes life-like noises and even has a cute little gas can that he can play with. His favorite part is the pull cord. I was surprised he could pull it but he can and he does it over and over again. I like to get him toys that look like the real thing and this is perfect. The only problem I seem to have with it is that he can't go in the grass with it, which seems odd, considering it's a lawn mower toy. But it doesn't seem to bother my son too much. He loves to mow the concrete and carpet (when we let him have it inside). It can get rather noisy at times, so we prefer to keep it as an outside toy. Other than those couple of things I think this has been one of the best toy buys ever.

paradigmpalmer I'm truly disappointed that I have a negative review of this product--I thought it was going to be the perfect little mower for my little guy! I love the start-up pull cord, the good-looking product and bright colors that Little Tikes is known for, and the GAS CAN is darling! My son's favorite part is filling up his and Dad's mower with gas before they mow...

ALL THAT SAID, the pull-cord wouldn't reel back up after only 2 weeks of owning the mower! And, like another review, the mower deck does not sit up high enough off the ground for it to move very well on grass. (works ok on the sidewalk, but.... it's a mower. For grass.) I also feel like the angle of the black handles is not right--if they were angled back a little more, it would be easier to push, but when you push the mower, the back wheels lift off the ground and the front dips into the grass.

So basically, I feel like this was a failure of a product! Great conception, and with a few tweaks it would be my top choice for a mower because of all the little extras. But definitely. needs. some. MAJOR. tweaks!!!

Shance Online this product looked like the perfect present for my son on his 2nd birthday. He loves mowing around the yard with his sister's hand-me-down mower but it needed replacement. This mower had all of the attractive features but we were all disappointed when we discovered it does not work on grass. It sits too low to the ground and is very difficult to push on any type of lawn. The reason we needed a new one was for him to be able to mow around the yard. The extra bells and whistles it features are just that, extra. My son loves to pretend like he's pouring gas in the mower and pull the starter but then he can't push it around the yard to "mow". I would not recommend this nor would I purchase it again.

Mamama My son LOVES this mower. It is the perfect height for pushing, making popping noises as it goes. He loves to pull the pull string, and the gas can is adorable. This mower is better and cuter and has more features than I expected. Great gift!

grammy this is so cute!my 1 year old grandson just loves it.. the nice thing is ,,,it does'nt tip over if he leans on while pushing.he is just learning to walk steady so he leans when he can. lots of noises and buttons lots of fun.


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Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower Toy

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