Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing


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Ohio Dad swing seamed fine. 2 year old son refused to use it. He likes to swing, will swing on park swings similar to this however he let us put him in this swing once for about 3 minuets and then threw a fit any time we tried to get him back in it.

Jacey's Mom I bought this swing for almost 2 year old to have at my in-laws. You'll need to have a single chain to hang on the tree and attach the swing ropes to it, or 2 seperate chains to attach to each side of the swing (we used 2 seperate chains). My in-laws already had the equipment and it was an easy set up. I love the bucket seat better than the other swings. She has an absolute blast in it and I don't have to worry about her falling out. Once we're done playing with it, we unhook it from the chain and put it inside the garage so it doesn't wear out.

L Came with both the swing and the ropes with hooks, but if you are putting it on a tree you will need to purchase additional rope or chain as the ropes it comes with is too short for any tree. Believe it is intended to hook to a swing set. Otherwise all is good.

MrsDodaro Came with both the swing and the ropes with hooks, but if you are putting it on a tree you will need to purchase additional rope or chain as the ropes it comes with is too short for any tree. Believe it is intended to hook to a swing set. Otherwise all is good.

Vincent's Mom We bought this swing for our son for his first birthday and put it on his brand new playset in the backyard. The best thing about it is that we can put him in and out without having to raise/lower a plastic piece to secure him in, you can just get him in and out easily and then there is a belt in the swing to snap together to secure him. My son loves this swing and could swing for hours if we let him! Great design. My 3 year old nephew went in it and he fit well and liked it, too.

ciphersingla My daughter's grandmother purchased this swing for our daughter. Hung it in the front yard from a tree. Only took a few minutes. My daughter loves it! The only time she cries is when we take her out of the swing. Would highly recommend this swing if your child likes to swing.

Mommy Gal My husband and I bought this swing for our now 1 year old son! Most amazing [$] we have ever spent! Our son loved it sooo much he didn't want to get out and fell asleep in it! Kept him busy swinging for hours while we all grilled and BBQ outside! We did have to buy some hooks and chains to lengthen the swing so we could hang it from our back porch. Other than that the item is awesome! ENJOY!! 

Jacob We purchased the swing for our 14 month old to use in the backyard since the weather is getting warmer, and I will say I am very pleased with it. It is made of thick, sturdy plastic and attached to the swing set so easily that my wife did it while I was at work. Our son loves it being able to recline back and enjoy the experience of swinging. The ropes that hold the swing up are smooth so when he gets active and grabs them there is no worries. The only issue I see is the restraint is only a 3 point harness and if your child doesn't have good balance it could be a problem since they are not held to the back rest. Other than that I would definitely recommend this swing to other parents.

mom of 15 months old At the complex where we live, the playground has only grown-up swings (not baby buckets) but my baby adores to swing. I found out about this swing at MyGym where i take my baby. I bought it at the store [...] We went to the playground, attached it to the chains in between the grown-up swings, and it worked ammmmmazingly!!!There was no tilt, but still, you can adjust it moderately if you needed to.I don't know how people expect to hook it to a tree! Those who do, are shopping for the wrong item.It has strong hooks, and the manual is pretty clear, since the mechanics are very basic.It's very comfy to sit in, and has the right age recommendation. I was confused between getting this one or the one that's more like a chair. But this one has a high back, and if you put on the belt correctly, no need for all that restraining harness. My baby is a very strong little boy, hurts my arms and kicks in all directions when taken out of the swing, and he can't go loose from this one. You should not leave baby and disappear anyways!We're keeping it in the car for now, this way we can use it in any playground. My husband is going to get some kind of hooks installed on the back porch for use at home.-----> IF YOU WANT TO TEST IT, just go to MyGym near you for the playtime. It's only 5 dollars if you're not a member (or the free first class they offer). and ask the teacher to test it if he or she doesn't bring it out.

porter I was looking for a swing for my 12 month old daughter and at first purchased the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug Secure Swing but it seemed to be reclined too much and I knew she would want to sit up straighter so I was happy to find this swing. It is more like the swings at the park, we use it almost daily. It is meant to be hung from a swing set but we hung it from a tree which we had to purchase extra hardware for.


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Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

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