Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring In…

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Christina - Mom of 3 boys My sons ages 1, 5 and 6 loved it for the 2 days it lasted. I started patching holes in the creases and by day 3 the bottom was half deflated so they couldn't jump and I couldnt keep up with the holes.. So much for a fun indoor activity to burn energy.

DrawingaBlank My son received this for his 2nd birthday, he is now nearing his 3rd Birthday and still plays in it every week. Have had no holes, just tons of static electricity haha. Was worried about him tipping it to one side or over but its pretty sturdy. Sometimes we deflate the top 2 rows, flip it over and use it as a trampoline. My only issue with the jumper is storage, even when it's completely deflated it's pretty room consuming.

Kaelyn's mom We got this for my daughter's first birthday. She is now 2 1/2 and still loves it. We recently got a hole in the top part (its separate from the jumping part). I cut it off at the base and she still uses it like a little trampoline!

moewmomma We got this for my daughter's first birthday. She is now 2 1/2 and still loves it. We recently got a hole in the top part (its separate from the jumping part). I cut it off at the base and she still uses it like a little trampoline!

Shanna I bought this for my son when he was 18 months. He's now 3 and STILL loves jumping in this bouncy! We have never had to repair anything on it. The balls have gotten dented, and it's dirty, but that is from over 2 years of being played with inside and outside. I had planned on buying a bag of balls to go with it, but he loves it without extra balls. I would recommend this to ANYONE with young kids... I wish they had these back in the 70's!!

Momma Tae Set this up for my step son who is 21 months, and he likes it. He was a little scared at first, then he went wild, hanging on the walls and everything. I bought some balls to go with it, although if they are really jumping its probably best for them not to have the balls in there to slip on. I like the fact that it has high walls, so I have no worries that he will fall out and hit his head on something. My only warning is it is pretty large, which is great for when there is more than one kid, but makes it hard to find a place to put it in the house without it being overwhelming. And it isn't something I would inflate/deflate often. Overall, I think the quality is good, especially for the price. It will most likely last a long time if we continue to use it inside, and I'm excited to have something for him to get energy out this winter when we are stuck inside. Using outside may lead to potential holes but it does come with one patch. You will need a good pump to blow it up, not included.

Mom of 2 We got this toy so we could burn some energy inside during the winter. My girls love it so much. They play on it multiple times a day. We even flip it over to use as a fort. Even if this pops we will buy another. Great fun! Big but not to big.

Brandi The Easter bunny brought this for our daughter. She is 20 months and loves it. It is perfect size for her and she loves to jump in it. It is sturdy and a lot of fun. Takes about 30 minutes to blow up with an air compressor.

aazbell26 My husband bought this for out 20 month old son- it only lasted a week. But for that one week our son LOVED it! We both thought it was a really good purchase at the time. We were just disappointed that it got a hole so quickly. We didn't have [$] to throw away just for a week of fun. But honestly, I weren't too impressed with it. If we could do it over again, we wouldn't have wasted our money.

Mommy of 5 My 2 youngest girls had a blast in this. They had so much Fun in it, especially when we filled it with balloons.

The thing I hate about it the most is Poor Plastic Quality. After the first 2 weeks we was returning it due to holes (and we kept it inside on carpet). With the 2nd Jumpoline I started patching holes myself (our girls loved it too much), thinking that it would stop getting holes in it. Come to find out the Plastic Quality is so Poor that everytime it got a crease it would cause a crack in the plastic causing it to leak air. After 3 months we finally trashed it, needless to say I got tired of hunting for the holes and patching them. It just got rediculous.

My girls loved it, but it's not worth their heartache everytime it went flat.


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Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring In…

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