Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick


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mother of 2 I had no idea how to pick out a pogo stick. I was worried when I saw they can get pretty spendy, that the cheeper ones wouldnt work as well. This one works great. My 9 year old weighs about 70 pounds, and its a bit stiff, but he is getting used to it. My 160 pound husband has a great time showing my son how to use it. Great quality.

BatGirl Nephew loves it!! I told him i wuz gonna get one for his b-day so he wuz excited but when i got it for christmas he ran like ther no tomarrow and gave me a hug.. omg he luvs it he played with it all that day... and he takes good care of it haha..

janran The only problem was, i ordered one that was recommended for children heavier than my grandchildren are, they will have to wait till they weigh more.


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Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

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