Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

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me this product was what I was looking for. We have 6 grandkids that love playing in it. Plenty of room for them.

Minnesota Momma I have two toddlers (2 and 4 yrs old) and I wanted a sandbox that was bigger than 4 x4. We have had this sandbox for about a week. We were really impressed with the quality. The wood has a much smaller grain than shown in the picture. The surface is smooth and not shiny. The seats seem pretty sturdy. It took my husband about an hour and a half to put it together in a leisurely manner. Everything fit together really well. There's plenty of room for 2 kids to play. We have put about 15 bags of sand in so far-- it could hold more-- but it's plenty for digging and looks full.

My kids are also really into water-- and that is making me rethink my wood decision. I am not sure how the wood will hold up to lots of water. It may have been better to go with plastic if they keep bringing their watering cans to the box.

I am concerned about the cover that came with it. Our neighbor has 5 outdoor cats-- and the cover is a lightweight mesh. It reminds me of athletic material. There are some slight gaps at the edges-- so if the cats got really adventurous they could pee right through it or dig in the edges. I may have to buy/construct a new cover.

grandpa came well packaged, easy instructions, wood was of good quality I would recommend this if your looking for a sandbox. you can fill the box from your local quarry, as baged sand would cost over &125.00 compared to $14.00 I spent

mom of four came well packaged, easy instructions, wood was of good quality I would recommend this if your looking for a sandbox. you can fill the box from your local quarry, as baged sand would cost over &125.00 compared to $14.00 I spent

mamma This is a great sandbox for all ages. It is nice looking and isn't another piece of plastic to sully a yard! Some commenters remark that they wish the box had a bottom, this is actually a good thing and done intentionally by the makers. If the sandbox had a wooden bottom, it would eventually rot out due to the rain and moisture that would linger.

Kat Great sandbox! The large size makes it easy for Mom and Dad to play too, or a couple of friends. The corner seats are wonderful, as my son is often on the fence on whether he wants to get "dirty"!

I was disappointed that it did not come with a floor.

Mom of three crasy girls So far the sandbox has been great. Before I finshied my little girls were sitting on the seats with the sidewalk chaulk drawing on the ground. I love the cover to keep out the dogs, cats and leaves making it a great place for my kids to play when they want. The only drawback is that the cover is mesh so when it rains it takes the sand a while to dry out.

Mom We use this as a sandbox outside. Cover does not keep bugs out (spiders, ants, rolly-polly etc.). Product not worth the money. The only thing I like about it are having the four seats on the sides.

Granna of 3 Purchased this sandbox for my grandkids, 1 and 3. Love the sandbox! It was easy to put together...I'm a 53 year old grandmother and had no problem at all putting it together. Once together, I turned in upside down and stabled several layers of weedblock fabric to the bottom and trimmed off the excess. I filled it with [...] Play Sand...liked it so much better than [...] Play Sand that had small pebbles in it. Used 25, 50 lb. bags of sand. The grandkids love it and so do I. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because of the cover. The mesh cover is pretty useless. I would prefer it to have a waterproof cover that drapes a little over the side. Looking for one online but may have to make one. Right now, I just have black Visqueen plastic sheeting draped over it with a big rubber ball underneath it so water will run off. It's held down with bricks on the side. Looks terrible but it will have to do until I find/make something else. Also, think I'll go around the outside edges with some sort of bug spray. Lifted the plastic off 2 days after putting it on and found several big spiders and a centipede in the sand.

Mom of twins +1 (2 years apart) Was able to put together in no time.

A corner for everyone...even if someone lays down.


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Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

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