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Raj This product is really good and priced well.

NJ's mom Our 17 month old son really loves his own basketball hoop. It's a great way to teach him basic skills at his level. He can play with it himself or with us. So fun! I like that it's simple in its design and the colors are basic. During the winter it can be in the house and in the summer, out on the deck.

mom 2 the sports nut My son loves this basketball hoop.We keep it in the kitchen and he entertains himself shooting hoops while I cook meals/clean up after meals. It's very durable and very easy to set up. I highly recommend this product and CSN stores, [...]

momof2 My son loves this basketball hoop.We keep it in the kitchen and he entertains himself shooting hoops while I cook meals/clean up after meals. It's very durable and very easy to set up. I highly recommend this product and CSN stores, [...]

Highly Educated Mom We've had this since my son was 1 year old and he has always loved playing with it and still does. After reading a couple of the reviews I just had to write one.

First, the product is very durable - if put together correctly. You have to make sure you hear a snap or click -- if you don't then it didn't get put together right. If it's put together correctly the rim doesn't wobble and the heigh adjust stays on just fine. As for the net, if you take your time and make sure everything is strung properly then it will not fall off. We've had it for over 1 year with no problems.

I'd also recommend putting sand in the base to make it more stable (we didn't need sand for the first 2 setting), as water evaporates and will start to get a smell after a while.

We're currently using it inside, as we live in the desert. So it can be used inside or out.

It's fun for the whole family, including grandparents. I love seeing my son, shoot and slam dunk. It's amazing what they can do at this age.

I'd buy it again and again. Great as a gift!!

crseedee Very easy to put together. I've had this for about 5 years now and haven't had any problems with it at all. I love the fact that the height can be adjusted! Very sturdy and a lot of fun for my daughter to play with. I've read a lot of the reviews on this product and I honestly haven't had any of the issues they have had. I have had to replace the ball, but that is to be expected after long use. I would definitely recommend this product to others. Absolutely love it.

Yiddishe Mommy After reading all of the reviews on this site (including those saying it was poorly made), I decided to go ahead and purchase this item for my 16 month old and see for myself. After just putting it together, I can tell you that it while it IS inexpensively made (the lightweight components absolutely REQUIRE that you fill the base with sand for stability), it IS sturdy. HOWEVER, each and every part SNAPS IN PLACE. I can see where the hoop would fall off or the support pole would wobble if they are only partially inserted. You need to apply some pressure and make sure you hear it click - at that point, the hoop does NOT wobble or come off (I tried my hand at taking it off, NOT easy!), and the pole is also very steady. My one complaint is that the method of securing the net leaves something to be desired, as it isn't firmly anchored. It may come loose during heavy play, but can be knotted into place to secure it. Overall, for the price, it is a well-made toy that, if properly assembled, should withstand plenty of toddler play.

MOM OF 2 BOYS This hoop is great for small children and bigger children. Don't know why so many people are unhappy with it. We have had no problems with bending, breaking etc etc. and like I said, I have 2 BOYS using it! So it's sturdy - we didn't even put sand or water in the base... it's still fine! Looks brand new after 4 years!! And the whole thing about buying the adjustable hoop- it's a preference, sure. We ended up buying a much taller indoor Nerf hoopster for them to grow with instead of the next Little Tikes version. Just what we preferred to do. Anyway, I was surprised to see so many negative comments for a great toy.

Mama No instuctions were included. Used Common sense. Have to push in the hoop with some muscle and you will hear a "POP" noise once red rim is securely in white back board! The Net DID NOT stay on, so my Dad showed me how to make it stay: made a loop, stuck it UP and through. Took loop and opened it AROUND the edges and pulled string on each side under to tighten. Works FABULOUS! My 27 month old LOVES this and played for HOURS!!! I got it on sale and we are thrilled with the product. It does adjust and will grow with my child. Excellent!

EC's Mom After reading reviews on this item I noticed many people said the hoop kept falling's because you didn't really SNAP IT IN! We had the same issue for the first few minutes until my husband used his "muscle" to really snap the hoop into the backboard. You'll hear a nice "pop" on each side letting you know it's securely in. Trust me, it doesn't fall off once snapped in.My son (19 months) really likes this hoop so far! The only negative would be the time it takes to attach the net to the hoop, it isn't easy. Also, ours came missing the little plastic piece that allows the height to be adjusted, so we have to return to the store to get it. Other than's a nice little toy for[$] (got it on sale).


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Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Bas…

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