Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

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Scott The kids love it and never want to come off. The only downfall is the setup which is a little difficult.

mom of 3 precious babies My 2 year old son loves this! He is in physical therapy for low muscle tone, and his physical therapist suggested we get him a trampoline. This trampoline encourages him to jump, by rewarding him with music or a silly sound. He loves it!! It really is a great toy for fun, and to help him, so its an extra bonus!

volmanchuck We got this for our Autistic grandson Charlie for Christmas in 2011. He has almost worn it out in a year. We are looking to get him another one soon. He sometimes stays on it for hours at a time.

Momma and Caregiver We got this for our Autistic grandson Charlie for Christmas in 2011. He has almost worn it out in a year. We are looking to get him another one soon. He sometimes stays on it for hours at a time.

Mama Trip We put this in the living room for my daughter when she was 2. My daughter is now 6 and we have a son that is 4 and they use it EVERY day! When kids come over to play they line up for it and many moms have bought one because of ours. Several times we've had to stick in in the front yard durring play group because the kids would fight over it. ALL ages. We love it because when the weather is bad it's something to help burn energy. They play the number games and such and have a great time.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't fold up (I'm sure for safety reasons) and some times we can't move it room to room because of the angles of walls and doors. It has become a piece of furniture in the living room because of this...

Grandma Jane I got one of these two years ago for my daughter's little girl for Christmas, and she loved it, so this time I bought one for my son's little girl for her birthday, and so far she loves it too, as well as her brother and sister. I was also going to buy my other son's daughter one for her birthday, but my daughter-in-law beat me to it!! The first one I bought is going fine. I have advised my friends who are also grandmas to get one for their grandkids....Parents know it's a toy that keep their children active and help them learn.

Mimi, grandmother of two busy boys My sister owns this trampoline. She is a grandmother of three, ages 2 1/2 to 6. Every time we are at her house, the kids are playing on it and having a great time. My 3 year old grandson LOVES it! In fact, he loves it so much that Santa might be bringing him one for Christmas! I like that because of the handle, it is designed to be safe for the younger ones that love to jump!

Stacy We got the Jump Smart Toddler Trampoline for my 18 month old son for Christmas. He absolutely loved it! It plays music, counts when he jumps, plays random animal sounds and a whole lot more. It was pretty difficult to assemble! It was definitely a 2 person job. The one problem that I had, and many other who purchased the trampoline had, was that the sensor was so low that it was not activated when my son jumped on it. I fixed this problem! You must tie one knot in the white cord connected to the sensor. Make sure that the spring in the box is still functional and it should work great. Personally, I would buy it again despite the small quirk. It is just an awesome toy.

dannimom80 The product is very good. I ordered it as a gift for my kids from their great grandmother.

Be sure to only put it together where you plan to keep it. It does not fit through doorways easily. The directions are absolutely TERRIBLE. the pictures tell you almost nothing, and, at times, are backward from what they tell you at the beginning. My number one critique is that they need NEW DIRECTIONS. I put two of these together and it was a pain both times.

Nikki My oldest son received this as a gift five years ago. He was never crazy about it, but anytime his friends would visit they would go crazy on it! My 3 yr old now uses it non-stop! What a great way to release that extra energy and get some exercise too! It was extremely difficult to assemble and be careful where you set it up. Once assembled, we could not fit it through the doorway.


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Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

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