Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline


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SleepDeprived My son loves this. It's great and he jumps on it all the time. The product says ages 3-5 I think, but he just turned 2 in November and he jumps like crazy....uses the handle bar and everything. My only complaint is that it was very difficult to put together. It definitely does take two people to put together and the directions are nearly worthless. It doesn't even give directions. It just shows a picture and labels where the bolts go with numbers and letters. The instructions are pathetic. But, my son loves it so it was worth it.

I'm Jumping My 2 year old is a little jumper.. She wakes up wanting to jump and goes to sleep wanting to jump. We have a big trampoline outside and it has been so hot outside that we can't always go outside and jump. I got this for inside and it is perfect. Easy to put together, only took about 20 mins. She loves it more than any toy in the house. I would buy it over and over and over..

Mika Bri This was very difficult and time consuming to assemble, but is totally worth it when you see the kids jump on it all day!!

FlowerMoundMom This was very difficult and time consuming to assemble, but is totally worth it when you see the kids jump on it all day!!

Grammy hoping to save the couch! I have a two year old granddaughter who loves to jump. The jumper took about two hours to assemble, so not as easy as advertised. However, a good sturdy product, I like the stability the handle provides. My granddaughter has fun with the jumper and I have used it indoors and outdoors. My only complaint is that it has little black cap covers for the screws on the legs that are not as deep as they should be and a few have fallen off. Tiny little pieces, I threw them out. It is quite large so be sure you have the room to store it.

Sandra We bought two trampolines for our twin girls for the cold winter days and days we cant be outside. They love jumping on them and its just the right size for them. They do take up alot of room though. They also required full assembly and it took over an hour to put each one together.

Nikki, Cay's mom My 5 year old loves it!! However, storage is a headache and this is the worst thing I have ever put together, and I have put together lots of things. The instructions are unclear and the screws are almost impossible to get in. Also, the padding around the bottom is a great idea, but it should be a little tighter to the mat to eliminate gaps and prevent tripping.

Beena My son bought this for his niece, my granddaughter for her third birthday....she loves to jump. It was a easy to put together but a little difficult when it came to getting the cord around tight enough to have the tension necessary for jumping, took 3 men to do this.....but once it was set up it was an instant hit at the birthday party,[...]

Tom Jr's Dad My son, Tom Jr., is approaching his 4th birthday and is an avid Jumper! He loves his new trampoline!! TJ was born with a severe case of Autism. His inability to keep his high-level energy in check is extremely challenging. Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline has helped him to divert some of that energy in a positive and fun manner! Thank you Meijer for helping our son TJ find an appropriate place to exert his energy!

Nana I ordered this for my 3 y/o granddaughter for the cold weather , when outside play is difficult.

She loves it , but every time she really gets jumping on it , the back legs leave the ground !! This could be extremely dangerous .She is thin for her age , so weight is not the issue. I'm going to have to figure out a way to weigh it down without creating a bigger safety issue....and saving the adults in her life from having to hold her hands every time she wants to jump!


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Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

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