ResidentEvil7 I saw this movie when it aired on CW back in Novemeber 2009, and I loved it. All Ninja Turtle types met in this movie: 2003 Turtles, 1987 Turtles, Mirage Comic Book Turtles, Movie Turtles, 2007 TMNT Turtles, Video Game Turtles, Archie Ninja Turtles, and so on all were referenced in this movie. The part I find that I didn't like is that it's too short for a full-length movie DVD.

CG2012 I saw the premeire on the cw4kids in november,and I am excited to hear that this dvd is coming out this year! And I also saw the director's cut online! My only hope is that this dvd comes with the director's cut version of the animated film! because it was so much fun to watch it online and this will be fantastic news for all of the TMNT fans all over the world!

OG TMNT FAN!! This movie is awesome a great homage to the TMNT franchise. A movie for both the oldest and newest turtle fans with lots of Easter Eggs to be found throughout the film. I highly recommend this movie to anyone whose every yelled out "Turtle Power!"


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Nickelodeon Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Camp Chair

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